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Dr. Ross can help you transition from prescriptions to holistic medicine including CBD, cannabis, mushrooms, and kratom.

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Our books, online courses, and programs are perfect for patients or professionals who want to get good at plant medicine.

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I'm Dr. Michele Ross

If we haven't met, my name is Michele Ross, PhD, MBA and I am a nutritional neuroscientist,  integrative pain relief coach, and the CEO of Infused Partners. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and multiple chronic illnesses, I found mainstream medicine to not only be ineffective for my symptoms, but it even nearly killed me multiple times! As a researcher I worked to put together the best resources that saved my life and have improved the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of patients. Hopefully you too will find the same healing I found through holistic plant medicine.

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"I am going through your Cannabis and Motherhood course and I'm LOVING it. I'm so excited to share some of what I'm learning as a cannabis health coach."

- Andrea, Reveal Cannabis

"I highly recommend the book Vitamin Weed and find Dr. Ross's journey to wellness and self-discovery to be quite inspiring. Thank you Dr. Ross!"                                        

- Maddie & Devon Miller

"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ross and reading her book Vitamin Weed. I am so grateful for the knowledge received on my body and the many benefits of cannabis."

- Carli Jo, Sensuality Coach

The Institute of Plant-Assisted Therapy

Take control of your health through the power of plant medicine.

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Get 1:1 coaching on what natural products & dosing might be safe and effective for you.

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Cannabis & Motherhood

Learn about using CBD or THC through every stage of motherhood in this 10-module course.

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Vitamin Weed Book

Learn why everyone needs CBD or THC as a daily supplement in Dr. Ross's essential book.

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Kratom is Medicine Book

Learn the science behind kratom as well as how to safely buy and use products in this book.

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