Dr. Ross's CBD Products For Women

Dr. Ross's CBD Products For Women

Struggling with painful periods? Stressed out? Haven't had a good night's sleep in ages? Dr. Michele Ross partnered with Ladykind to launch a line to help the severe pelvic pain and other women's health issues her and her clients were having. Ladykind features unique formulations that work to reduce stress, balance hormones, and restore endocannabinoid deficiency for a blissful cycle every month.

You read more about how CBD works for women in Dr. Ross's new book CBD Oil For Health.

You don't need to go to a marijuana dispensary to buy CBD. You can buy Dr. Ross's CBD line for women's health, Ladykind, online or in select CBD and wellness retail stores across the country.

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CBD For Women's Health

Stop Painful Periods For Good

Hormone-Balancing Herbs

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